Photoshop Tutorial – Bleach Bypass old film processing technique in Photoshop

Bleach bypass or skip bleach or silver retention was a technique when film was state of the art. Bleach bypass is an optical effect which is made by partial or complete skipping of the bleaching during processing a color film, by skipping this the silver is not converted in Silver Bromide. The result is a black and white image over a color image. But nowadays with digital cameras there is no chemical film processing anymore its all digital. So we have to find methods to recreate these old film processing effect in the digital world in this case with Adobe Photoshop. This method is as near as it is possible to the chemical process.


Create Bleach Bypass effect

Video Tutorial


Tutorial as Text

First step: Get the image of your choice and bring it into Photoshop. Because I used a RAW image and converted it in Camera RAW the first layer is an image as a Smart Object. This image of a Railroad I have taken a year ago with my Canon 5D Mark II and a 90 mm Tamron lens is little bit boring. To get a little bit over the boringness of the image i wanted to have an photo effect on the image. And this kind of images is predestined to use the bleach bypass effect. The first step is to make a copy of the original by pressing the ALT-Key and drag the original over the fist original layer. Then rasterize the image to be able to invert the image by Ctrl+I. Now we have a negative color image like in the original process. By using negative color we can prevent the darken the image to much in the next step by using a positive image. Create Bleach Bypass effect Second Step: To get the color back there is a really simple solution, just ad a Level adjustment layer and reverse the tone levels. This reverses the appearance of the negative image and turns it back to a color image. Create Bleach Bypass effect Third step: Now make a duplicate of the negative color image and do a Hue/Saturation correction by moving the saturation slider fully to the left -100. Create Bleach Bypass effect Fourth step: Now change the negative black and white layer to multiply mode to get the black and white overlay effect. Create Bleach Bypass effect Fifth step: To get a stronger bleach bypass effect is the unusual use of a filter, the unsharp mask. To be able to make changes after the filter convert the black and white negative layer into an Smart Object. Then goto filters and select under Sharpen the Unsharp Mask filter. Set the size to about 200 and the radius to about 250. Create Bleach Bypass effect Sixth step: The image is still a little bit to saturated. To change the saturation of the image add a Hue/Saturation correction layer as cut mask over the color negative layer. Then adjust the saturation slider a little bit to the left. This step i depending on the overall colorization of the image. In my case -27 for the saturation seams ok. Create Bleach Bypass effect Seventh step: Now we are facing the problem of the blown out white parts of the image. But this is really easy to solve. Lower the opacity of the black and white layer to a value where the detail just coming back. Create Bleach Bypass effect Final but optional step: Optionally for the final touch you can add a little bit of grain to simulate the appearance of old color film. Just select the black and white negative layer and go to filter then select Filter Gallery and in the Filter Gallery select Texture and in the Texture section select Grain. Set the intensity to something around 50. Create Bleach Bypass effect And finally here is the final image. Digital image with a real cool bleach bypass effect. Create Bleach Bypass effect Now its up to you. With effects like the bleach bypass you can give not so fancy images a touch so that the image is worth to have a look on.  

Gimp Tutorial – How to install Gimp brushes

Here is how you install Gimp brushes on a Windows, Mac or Linux .System. Download your brush of joice. Note: Usually ┬áit does not matter anymore if it is a Gimp or Photoshop Brush, both brush types should work, because Gimp is able to handle both types of brushes since Gimp 2.4 Since Gimp 2.6 its really an easy task to install brushes in Gimp. The new method is even better to handle if you have really much brushes and sets. Create an folder for yur brushes somewhere on your Computer. You have to pay attention that the folder is writeable. As example I have created a folder in my documents folder "C:\Users\your_username\Documents\Gimp Brushes" in this folder i created for every type of brushes an extra folder like cracks, grunge, hairs and so on. I think this is a good way to handle different types of brushes. To install a Gimp brush to to Edit--> Preferences an Scroll down to Folders and expand it. Click on Brushes and on the right site you see the path of the current brush folder. Just click on the new folder icon an choose your destination Path where you have saved your brushes. Check the new folder to be one of the active brush folders. Then click ok and refresh your brushes and your done. Now you can use your new brushes in Gimp.   And now have fun.

Blender Material galvanized Steel

In this video tutorial you will learn how you can make an effective galvanized steel material for Blender Cycles.

To create the pounded "flake" look of galvanized steel i used the Voronoi texture and i walk you through the process of creating galvanized steel material in the Blender Material Node Editor step by step. Just follow the easy steps in my tutorial.

Blender Tutorial – Making of a French Coffee Maker Part 9/9

In this Tutorial we are going to make a complete French Coffee Maker.

Blender Tutorial – Making of a French Coffee Maker Part 8/9

In this Tutorial we are going to make a complete French Coffee Maker.

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